Claire Huot and Robert Majzels talk about 85

85_set_thumbnail_coverOver at The Conversant, Andrew Wessels interviews Claire Huot and Robert Majzels about their book 85:

There is also the issue of translation itself, what is translation and what is ‘original’ creation, what is a ‘good’ or ‘faithful’ translation. And this too is historically and contextually determined. What we are attempting in 85 would not have been recognized as translation in Fenollosa /Pound’s day. The larger issue here is classification in general. For some time now, at least since Foucault, the destabilization of classification in itself has become an ethical imperative. The blurring of boundaries between categories termed translation and creation, between author and reader, between spoken and written word is the terrain on which 85 works.

Read the full interview here.

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