Colin Dickey Reviews 2500 Random Things

2500_thumb_1In a thoughtful piece on Used Furniture Review, Colin Dickey writes about Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too as a “social memoir.”  “This was not a book that was written entirely within the author’s own head and then shared with the world,” Dickey writes, “though it was also not a book that was written by committee”:

it’s both entirely Viegener’s own, and heavily affected by the community which first received it. The final book is best seen in this light, as a production that’s both the work of a singular artist and a work bent by the reception and influence of that artist’s social community, all of whom had a small part in its production. It’s in this manner, more so than its structure alone, that 2500 Random Things About Me Too comes the closest to actually destabilizing a notion the self. Social media, its detractors complain, is all about narcissism, which is true, but then, so is memoir—the two combined, as it turns out, may curiously cancel each other out, as Viegener’s other selves haunt the spaces in between each list.

Read Dickey’s full review here.

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