Examiner Interviews Vanessa Place

Dad Godston of examiner.com interviews Vanessa Place, who has just recently written Dies: A SentenceIn the interview, she discusses her literary influences, the current mingling of the art and literary world in Los Angeles, her novel La Medusa, and experimental writing. An excerpt from the interview:

DG: How did you come up with the idea for “La Medusa”? It’s a very ambitious concept.

VP: For about 15 minutes a day for 41 days I wrote whatever came into my head. I then began elaborating on these bits. Having a hobbyist’s fascination for neurology, I figured they would being to knit themselves into some sort of pattern, or narrative. They did, though not necessarily all interwoven. I had also heard repeatedly that it was impossible to write a Los Angeles novel about all of Los Angeles. This seemed a stupid challenge to me, and I very much like stupid challenges.

Read the full interview at examiner.com.

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