Lemonhound Reviews 2500 Random Things

“I am Facebook friends with Matias Viegener but have never met him,” Jacob Wren begins in his review of Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too for Lemon Hound. He continues:

I have many Facebook friends I’ve never met (in fact, most of them.) I am told this is called being a “collector” but I certainly don’t think of it in this way. I suppose what I think is that Facebook is a game best played with relative strangers, and that we should save friendship for real life. (I also have difficulty with real life friendships.) I am completely addicted to Facebook, to this game of identity with its many, always slightly shifting, rules. Like any addiction I know mine is not particularly healthy. But it is rather useful in my life, and therefore I don’t believe I will be able to break it any time soon.

2500 Random Things About Me Too is a book Viegener originally wrote on Facebook, in response to the meme “25 Random Things About Me.” When you were tagged, you were supposed to list 25 random things about yourself, and then tag 25 of your friends. Viegener wrote his first list and then kept going. This book consists of 100 of these lists. As each list is added, the struggle to remain “random” becomes more futile, since anything one might say about oneself becomes, over time, more and more connected to everything one has already said.

Read Wren’s full review of Viegener’s book at Lemon Hound.

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