Michael du Plessis interviewed at Entropy

The_Memoirs_Of_JonBenet_Michael_Du_Plessis_ThumbnailOver at the brand new lit site Entropy, Janice Lee interviews author Michael du Plessis about The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Acker, living in Boulder, and the break-up novel:

Michael du Plessis: I think people need to own it. We should have a conference on the break-up novel. The best part of breaking up is making up a panel at a literary conference about it afterwards. But to get back to your question, it felt like a break-up novel to me. But I’m not sure if that’s what the reader takes away.

Janice Lee: I think after reading that line, some of the other stuff started to take on a different tone. I think there was this personal feeling throughout, even though the prose is very blunt and very funny and it has this quick momentum that really moves forward, but then when you realize oh this is a break-up novel, some of the funnier or more theoretical bits, like Kathy Acker’s rant, start to take on a slightly different tinge. I feel like I could reread this again and maybe notice threads I ignored the first time.

Read the full interview at Entropy.

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