The Short Review Interview with Axel Thormählen

The Short Review interviews Axel Thormählen and reviews his 2008 collection of short stories, A Happy Man and Other Stories. Reviewer Scott Doyle writes,

This is a curious collection of nine stories that engage with their dry humor and absurdist play, but also distance with their tendency toward abstraction, and the absence of a fully inhabited physical, sensual world. They often read less as stories, and more as a mixture of parable and philosophical tract and comic monologue—all poured into a soup pot and stirred by the likes of Calvino or Kafka or Bruno Schulz. Distinctively designed by the boutique Los Angeles Press Les Figues, the book even looks like a pamphlet. Each page is split, with the English translation above and the original German below.

Read the interview and review at The Short Review.

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