2500 Random Things reviewed on HTMLGiant

2500_thumb_1Over at HTMLGiant, the veritable “Anonymous” has some good, insightful things to say about Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too:

What is most radical about this piece is the form itself (and the Self it forms). Viegener manages to utilize parataxis to propel his endearing voice through these scattered suites with enough relevant information to let readers recognize or provide their own continuities and frictions. And on the radical Self it forms: our author seems to be a genuinely content, sensitive, sensual, funny, well-adjusted and successful man and, unfortunately, sometimes this is hardly the stuff of compelling literature. But it is compelling. Refreshingly, Viegener doesn’t stoop in attempts to build shaky dramatic narratives and conflicts that aren’t really there, he has a laugh at the story’s expense, lets death haunt his beloved dog with dignity and self-reflexive humor, likewise lets it unjustly and subtly haunt his family in war-torn Europe, and even randomly tells the same Kathy Acker story twice (but who can blame him for the repetition, it’s that memorable: see sections lxxiv-17 and lxxxvi-15), making me think that I might have a sense of who Matias Viegener really is, and likewise making me realize that I don’t truly know someone that well until I’ve told them, “I’ve heard that one before.”

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