Christine Wertheim interviewed at Outward from Nothingness


Danish writer, philosopher, and theologian Søren Kierkegaard interviews Christine Wertheim, author of +|‘me’S-pace and editor of Feminaissance about her recent publication in [out of nothing] #0.

SK: The use of repetition is utterly integral to your work. I have written before that “If God himself had not willed repetition, the world would never have come into existence,” and “Repetition is reality, and it it is the seriousness of life.” How would you describe your work’s relation to repetition?

CW: For me, repetition is a method for working. Through repeating, over and over again, ideas (whether manifest as sounds, graphics or concepts) slowly begin to unpack themselves and to revel their inner complexities…….This allows me to slowly see what exactly is gripping to me about the concepts/images/sounds I am initially arrested by.

SK: In response to the theme of #0, what substance, in fact, precedes [nothing]?

CW: For me, [nothing] is not primary. What is primary is a super-super-fluous heterogeneity that I know nothing about…… “Nothing,” I take to be a clearing, perhaps made by human minds in order to begin to deal with this.

Read the full interview at Outward from Nothingness.

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