Cunt Norton Reviewed at Bookslut

Cunt_Norton-Dodie_Bellamy-Postcard_blogOver at Bookslut, Erin Lyndal Martin takes a close look at Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton:

Cunting the classics, rewriting the master’s words in a decidedly feminine voice, may well be this millennium’s response to l’ecriture feminine. L’ecriture feminine, a philosophical and literary movement that essentially began in 1970s France, was built on the premise that language had too long been owned and operated by men, and it was time for women to write not just the reality of their bodies or their difference, but the totality of their being. In the same way that the founders of l’ecriture femininebelieved men had the key to language and it was the job of women writers to steal it back, Bellamy’s speaker steals not just language but the very language that comprises classic (white male) poetry.

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