Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton reviewed on NewPages Book Review


Patrick James Dunagan reviews Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton at NewPages:

Bellamy’s latest book, Cunt Norton, marks a return on her part to a previous method of composition by way of the cut-up, which in her pro-smut, feminist, anti-gender-classifying, hard-talking, sex-laced manner she previously coined her own new standard expression for with the collection Cunt-ups (Tender Buttons, 2001). Bellamy deliberately uses “cunt” here because it is nastiest of the nasty terms that refer to female genitalia. She ridicules and challenges the tradition of such expression being deemed un-ladylike, reclaiming vulgar discourse from masculine culture and declaring right of access to explicit sex talk for women as much as men. She also queers the queer and out-Bukowskis Bukowski, dishing out some seriously illicit and ludicrous, as well as literary, descriptions of sexual acts.

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