ForeWord Talks Tall, Slim & Erect

Joseph Thompson, writing for ForeWord Reviews, discusses Alex Forman’s Tall, Slim & Erect: Portraits of the Presidents.

Inside, the book’s distinctive format and Forman’s black-and-white photographs showcase the iconic nature of her subjects. With her assistance, the plastic presidents deliberately fill their two-dimensional spaces in much the same way they lived: the camera captures Honest Abe’s back as if following the agitated pacings of a troubled man; with his large chest and bull-neck thrust forward, Grover Cleveland’s taurine stance dominates the picture in a perfect explanation of his nickname, “His Obstinacy”; and Calvin Coolidge stares back at the viewer, willing to be photographed but always keeping the distance his agoraphobia demanded.

Read the entirety of Thompson’s review at ForeWord Reviews.

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