Green Apple Books Features Tall, Slim & Erect

Alex Forman’s Tall, Slim, & Erect: Portraits of the Presidents is featured on Green Apple Books’ blog, The Green Apple Core. The San Francisco new and used bookstore writes:

One summer day while browsing at a flea market, writer and photographer Alex Forman came across a small wooden box containing thirty-seven 2″ plastic miniatures of presidents Washington through Nixon. Intrigued by the stately, almost anonymous bearing of these figures, Forman decided to research the lives of the presidents contained in the box to learn more about the real men behind these models. Eschewing the kind of patriotic biography that often characterizes and colors our perceptions of the presidents, Forman collected an assortment enlightening, endearing, and sometimes odd facts and gossip. These humorous and myth-busting thumbnail biographies have just been published in the Tall, Slim & Erect.

Read the full review at The Green Apple Core.


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