Guantanamo reviewed at HTMLGIANT

Guantanamo-Frank-Smith-Vanessa-Place-Cover-thumbWriting for HTMLGIANT, Rory Fleming reviews Guantanamo, providing a law student’s perspective on the book:

The introduction by Mark Sanders talks about translation and how Frank Smith drafted this book in French based on actual interrogation reports. It implies that there is no text under the text, only layers of translation with no correct source document: not only is there the language barrier between the author and the interrogation, but there is also the communication barriers between the Middle Eastern citizens and the U.S. interrogators. Law is very much the same way in having no definitive text. It is a mosaic bible made and revised by humans, primarily rich white American men (even still!) in this country. And yet, those who endeavor to work in it have their very human blind spots, such as the war vet in class who did not want to reconcile with “terrorists” having rights—that the Supreme Court should not pander to terrorists in giving them due process in our courts of law.

 You can read more of the review here, at HTMLGIANT.


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