PANK reviews kern

Kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-thumbderek beaulieu‘s Kern examined by Klara du Plessis at PANK:

Each visual poem creates a splash. Literally. Composition seems to commence at the center of each page, then branch out into a pseudo-geometric design. Whether a tiny x surrounded by four zeros in floral fashion, or a full-page cacophony of curated letters, signs and symbols, each poem is clearly centripetal, growing outward from a midpoint, but never reaching beyond the boundaries of the page – even the full-page poems are surrounded by a white border, always hedged in. The poems are all contained and focused. Their strategy is rather to reach upward and arrest the reader’s fascinated gaze. (Come to think of it, imagine the crazy, spiraling eyes of a cartoon snake in the act of hypnotizing its prey!)

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