Sandra Doller interviewed at Entropy

sandra-dollerOver at Entropy, Sandra Doller is interviewed as part of its National Poetry Month series. Author of the forthcoming Leave Your Body Behind, Doller discusses the “language of inquiry,” laziness, and her recent work:

Entropy: Do you think poetry is still important, relevant, and vibrant in today’s culture?

Doller: My answer to this question necessitates an engagement with the premise “still”—surely if poetry ever was these things (important/relevant/vibrant) then yeah sure, it still is. Whether or not poetry ever was these things, in some distant imaginary historical past, is another question.

Entropy: What makes you want to write poetry?

Doller: I don’t think I do want to write poetry or have ever wanted to. That’s lame as an answer, I know. I want to make things, and the things I make often end up as poems, because I’m not tech-savvy, don’t have a dance studio or lots of space, can’t thread my sewing machine, or am just lazy. Poetry is all about laziness. I think laziness is as important, overlooked, and undervalued, as poetry.

Read the entire interview at Entropy.

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