The Brooklyn Rail Reviews +|’me’S-pace

Benjamin Tripp, writing for The Brooklyn Rail, reviews Christine Wertheim’s +|’me’S-pace:

+|’me’S-pace’s task is to unravel language before our eyes. It is the first in a series of CalArts feminist/critical studies teacher Christine Wertheim’s open notebook investigations of the atomic elements of language; namely, the letters of the alphabet which as she says, “like musical notes only produce Sense when arranged in relational complexes, i.e. propositions…[and] compose into molecular or chord-like arrangements that we call words.” The book questions the ways in which our habitual use of them (to create words) may actually inhibit us from a deeper understanding of language, and results in a kind of censorship of the primal animate body that is the “English tongue.” Through pure invention, +|’me’S-pace is made as montage, and an extension of the modern day feminist critique of “the presumed unity of man…a dangerous fiction.”

Read Tripp’s full review at The Brooklyn Rail.

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