The Memoirs of JonBenet reviewed at RAW ArT PRESS

memoirs-of-jonbenet_frontAt RAW ArT PRESS, Trena Machado praises the “clear and sparkling prose” of Michael du Plessis’s The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Acker.  She writes:

The dolls, JonBenet™ and Kathy Acker™, images based on the dead, are replicas, copies, they are plastic, twelve inches tall…they have an interior life, they date, fall in love, have infidelities, look for true love, go to doll school, have doll friends, take doll valium, have dollgasms. We see ourselves with their eyes, and our created products, in ventriloquy, say no to the lifeless life of “totalitarian capitalism” the “real” represents. Kathy warns JonBenet about the Blue Fairy who wants to make them real, they are not like Pinocchio or the Velveteen Rabbit, they don’t want to be real…“for only what can die is real.” They’ve already done that and are now on the other side, free to make something new. With the transforming spontaneity of a dream, of a fairy tale, we are immersed in Boulder as a replica of all America and its production of mind-numbing territories of replication “…the creeping, omnipresent, utterly inescapable fungus of the beige wall-to-wall carpet” everywhere…

Read Machado’s full review here.

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