The Rumpus Reviews Tall, Slim & Erect

Pierce_TSEMichael Jauchen writes a wonderful and insightful review of Alex Forman’s Tall, Slim & Erect: Portraits of the Presidents on The Rumpus:

Forman emphasizes her role as a curator, not a creator, of these biographies, openly admitting in her bibliographic headnote that “none of the text herein was written by me.” But while calling Tall, Slim & Erect an “unwritten” book might accurately describe its reliance on found materials, it drastically downplays the particular intelligence of Forman’s selective methods. Every sentence here has existed before, but never in this particular way. It’s Forman’s appropriative threading—intentional and meticulous—that illuminates and renews the language.

Read Jauchen’s full review of Forman’s book at The Rumpus.


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