Reviews of The /n/oulipian Analects

On the Green Integer blog, Tom La Farge offers an in depth review of The /n/oulipian Analects, edited by Christine Wertheim and Matias Viegener. He states:

Besides a record of the conference papers, The /n/oulipian Analects contains an anthology of constrained writing, since the panelists read from their work in evening sessions. This is a collection well worth having for showing the range of directions in which constraints and experimentalism in general can throw writing and the range of types of reading these can demand…But primarily the panelists met to assess the oulipian tradition’s value on this side of the Atlantic and to consider, and debate, issues of poetics…The editors are a very strong presence in the book. They have organized The /n/oulipian Analects like an encyclopedia, alphabetizing all the papers by title, the author biographies by last name (these include the creative selections), and the apparatus such as the copyright page and table of contents.

Read the full essay/review at EXPLORINGfictions.

The /n/oulipian Analects also received an excellent review by Forret Gander on The Great American Pinup:

Often exploring the role of gender in shaping the Oulipo canon, the essays in this anthology suggest new possibilities for diversifying and democratizing the constraint-based writing available to readers, an approach that proves thought-provoking throughout.

Read the entirety of that review here.

Additionally, Karla Kelsey of the American Book Review  (30th volume) wrote on the book:

Fetchingly bound in a hot-pink and burnt-orange checkered Ouchi optical illusion, the cover of The /n/oulipian Analects indicates that from cover to conception to content, this is no ordinary book.

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