Bhanu Kapil Discusses Melissa Buzzeo

Bhanu Kapil, writing on her blog, Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi?, discusses performative biography through the recent book from Les Figues by Melissa Buzzeo, For Want and Sound.

The politics of the autobiography are happening in a vertical column on the left hand side of the page, something the prose-poem cannot accommodate. This is why I love a book [An Elegy for Passage: For Want and Sound] that has just been published.  It is a book by Melissa Buzzeo, who — for those who read this blog — will know — is a friend whose name is written on my heart…

Melissa has written a book published this week by Les Figues. It lives [is written] [read] at the intersection of cosmic, private and industrial (political) aims.  It is a truly brilliant book.  For those of you reading this in Australia and Pakistan, Les Figues ships abroad.  Do not drink cappuccino for ten days.  That is all you have to do to buy a book instead.  Maybe just three days, actually.  Milky coffee is expensive.

Read the full review at Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi?

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