Ala Press and the Communion of Pacific Literature

Craig&Brandy Part reflective essay, part Q/A, this first piece is by Craig Santos Perez on Ala Press, his co-run press with Brandy Nalani McDougall, a small press that fosters Pacific literature into our futures...

Les Figues Press & Open Press

OP3 | Los Angeles, CA |
October 11, 2015
Poetic Research...

Les Figues Press @ WeHo Reads 2015

WeHo Reads 2015 | West Hollywood, CA |
September 26, 2015
West Hollywood City Council Chambers and...

PANK reviews kern

Kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-blog ...each poem playfully dares the individual reader to discover different associations, different textual memories from within the jumble of non-semantic, alphabetic elements which constitute these pages...