About Les Figues

Les Figues Press is a 501(c)3 nonprofit literary organization that publishes experimental writing and literature in translation with a focus on feminist and queer authors. The press partnered with the Los Angeles Review of Books in 2017 as an imprint of LARB Books. Founded in 2005 by Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place, Les Figues promotes emerging and established writers as well as interdisciplinary artists who take the book as an object of study. Our mission is to create aesthetic conversations between readers, writers, and artists in Los Angeles and around the globe.

Les Figues’ titles including award-winning works of poetry, prose, visual art, conceptual writing, and translation. We circulate writing that imagines new artistic practices, establishes new theories of literature, and questions the avant-garde alongside the status quo. We also host and curate literary events,  including readings, conversations, performances, and art salons. Community is a book we write together.

Les Figues Press embraces a feminist editorial vision and advances global feminism(s). We publish writing that provokes conversations about gender, race, class, and sexuality in relation to literary and artistic production.

Les Figues Press — Rewriting the Avant-Garde