Labor Day + Back-to-School SALE

We need space in the warehouse; you need great books. Select titles now on sale for $10, $5, $3. Check out the list below; buy now at LARB Books. These prices won’t last!

$10 $10 $10 $10 $10

Conceptualism and Other Fictions: The Collected Writings of Eduardo Costa
Eduardo Costa, Patrick Greaney, ed.

Colin Winnette

Tela de Sevoya (onioncloth)
Myriam Moscona, trans by Antena

$5 $5 $5 $5 $5 

Aleksandra Małecka, Andrew Campana, Carlos León, Natalia Fedrova, Nick Montfort, Piotr Marecki, Serge Bouchardon.

A Fixed, Formal Arrangement
Allison Carter

A Happy Man and Other Stories
Axel Thormählen, trans. Marianne Thormählen

Among the Dead: Ah! And Afterword Yes!
Becca Jenson

Aesthetics: Casements
Featuring Christine Wertheim, Julie Thi Underhill, Lisa Darms, Molly Corey, Nuala Archer, Sissy Boyd, Vincent Dachy. Edited by Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place

Aesthetics: Logistics
Featuring Alice Könitz, Chris Tysh, Divya Victor, Dodie Bellamy, Redell Olsen. Introduction by Vanessa Place

Aesthetic Maneuvers
Featuring Harold Abramowitz, Lily Hoang, Mathew Timmons, Paul Hoover, VD Collective. Introduction by Teresa Carmody

By Kelman Out of Pessoa
Doug Nufer

Christine Wertheim, ed. Featuring: Bhanu Kapil, Caroline Bergvall, Chris Kraus, Dodie Bellamy, Eileen Myles, Juliana Spahr, Lidia Yuknavitch, Maggie Nelson, Meiling Cheng, Stephanie Young, Susan McCabe, Tracie Morris, Vanessa Place, Wanda Coleman

Film Poems
Redell Olsen

For Want and Sound
Melissa Buzzeo

Kim Rosenfield

The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Acker
Michael du Plessis

Negro marfil / Ivory Black
Myriam Moscona, translated by Jen Hofer

Not Blessed
Harold Abramowitz

Kim Rosenfield

Sonnet 56
Paul Hoover

The /n/Oulipian Analects
Edited by Christine Wertheim and Matias Viegener. Featuring Bernadette Mayer, Brian Kim Stefans, Caroline Bergvall, Christian Bök, Christine Wertheim, Doug Nufer, Harryette Mullen, Ian Monk, Janet Sarbanes, Jen Hofer, Johanna Drucker, Joseph Mosconi, Juliana Spahr, Matias Viegener, Paul Fournel, Rob Wittig, Rodrigo Toscano, Stephanie Young, Tan Lin, Vanessa Place

The Ants
Sawako Nakayasu

Some Versions of the Ice
Adam Tipps Weinstein

Things to Do with Your Mouth
Divya Victor

The Phonemes
Frances Richard

Voice of Ice
Alta Ifland

Words of Love
Mark Rutkowski

$3 $3 $3 $3 $3

God’s Livestock Policy
Stan Apps

Frank Smith, trans Vanessa Place

Inch Aeons
Nuala Archer

Tribulations of a Westerner in a Western World
Vincent Dachy


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