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Stan Apps

Stan Apps is a poet and essayist from Los Angeles. His books include Info Ration (Make Now Press) and soft hands (Ugly Duckling Presse). Stan is currently spreading the word of WAMPA (the Work and...

God’s Livestock Policy

Stan Apps

Introduction by Michael Magee
Cover art by Danielle Adair
Book 2 of 5, TrenchArt Parapet Series
Poetry | $15.00
ISBN 13: 978-1-934254-05-9
Size: 9.25″ X 4.25″
Pages: 84
Binding: Softcover, Perfect


God’s Livestock Policy is Stan Apps’ self-ordained “mini-Bible…sort of a commentary on the real Bible.” Employing satire as incisive as that which one might find in e.e. cummings and The New Republic, Apps’ poems problematize God, configuring the deity as a grasping extension of Man’s urge for sovereignty, a populist construct by which we are roped, doped, and branded. Heaven here is a bureaucratic machine, earth a lamentable mistake, and humans the lowing livestock.

God’s Livestock Policy is published as part of the TrenchArt: Parapet Series, with and Introduction by Michael Magee and visual art by Danielle Adair.

Praise for God’s Livestock Policy

“Stan Apps knows that any God worth its salt wouldn’t have to keep up with the times; a God makes its times or it’s not much of a God. As Apps’ revelatory poems and poem essays can’t help but insist, any God who’s still sticking around these days would have to be everywhere, truly dynamic, committed to making the deals go down. A real top-of-the-line deep pockets God of Today.”

– Mark Wallace

“The new world has been waiting for unsarcastic satire, and here it comes […] The fervor on exhibition in God’s Livestock Policy is both self calibrating and terrifyingly ecstatic.”

– Jack Kimball

“If the world is ‘a Bible made of landmines; you read it with your feet’ then ‘a phony Bible is the greatest thing a man can offer the world.’ Stan Apps has done it.”

-Michael Magee