David Beauregard on Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton

Cunt_Norton_Dodie_Bellamy_thumbnailDavid Beauregard writes on Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton at H_NGM_N:

There is power in Bellamy’s work; it goes far beyond mere shock value. The word “cunt” can be jarring. It will make some uncomfortable. Throughout Cunt Norton, Bellamy is asking the reader why words such as “cunt,” “cock,” “tits,” “come,” and “pussy” make us uncomfortable, and what that means in a larger context. When a man talks about sex—even in graphic detail—we aren’t as shocked as when a women says she wants to “mount thee and take hold of thy salamander’s skull and all the veins surrounding…sip with nymphs, thy elemental cock moving in my mouth, a gnome in search of mischief” (from “Cunt Pope”). Why? Why is there this standard?

 The entire review is up on H_NGM_N.

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