Diagram reviews I’ll Drown My Book

I'll Drown My BookIn the essay issue of DIAGRAM, I’ll Drown My Book receives attention:

Blacked out lines, white space and some more white space and crowds of words, diagrams and images and more white space: the book is a messy joy to flip through. And, also, to read. It is quite so a polyvocality of polyvocalities, inclined toward contradicting itself and not saying some things and saying some other things over and over again. If the book were a hydra she would have had a long life with a lot of sword fights but kept keeping on. Collage is maybe a technique that comes to mind here in the way collage shows we are out of place and shows that we make meaning together, and although there’s a lot of collage here I think the fact that most every piece speaks back to the whole through the artist statements makes it something else, like a theme party. Let’s all go camping together this weekend. That sort of thing.

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