Dodie Bellamy interviewed at AMRI

Dodie_Bellamy_Author_Photo_1American Microreviews and Interviews interviewed Dodie Bellamy about her book, Cunt Norton. In response to Kallie Falandays’ questions about cut-ups, Eliot, and inspirational books, Bellamy reveals:

Since John Ashbery is the only living poet I “cunted,” I wouldn’t say my book reflects contemporary poetry.  Ashbery has been a prince concerning his inclusion in the book, even allowing us to use an excerpt from an email he wrote to me, as part of the book’s promotion: “My poem(s) seem to take to the new medium quite well.”  If I were to do contemporary poets, I’d do my friends, some of whom have already eagerly volunteered themselves.  Or—a while back, the Poetic Research Bureau in Los Angeles held a marathon reading in which people read from the work of the 47 poets who were in the first edition of The Norton Anthology of Postmodern Poetry (1994), but were left out of the second edition (2013)—maybe I could do those “decanonized” poets, call the book Cunt Abandoned.

You can find the entire interview here.

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