Dodie Bellamy interviewed at Harriet

Cunt_Norton_Dodie_Bellamy_thumbnailOver at Harriet, Sara Wintz interviews author Dodie Bellamy about her recent book Cunt Norton:

Sara: […] When I read Cunt-Ups and Cunt Norton, I think that part of it, maybe a big part of it, has to do with your identity and your politics, and bringing that into the gesture of this cut-up.

Dodie: I was never really interested in the cut-up as a form. I was already doing collage and I knew lots of other people who were using collage as an intuitive gesture. It seemed to me that only someone who had no access to an intuitive sense of reality would need to cut the text up and tape it back together to get to this non-linear place. It seemed, in my reductive view of things, a very male thing to do a cut-up.

Sara: What about it?

Dodie: Just that you would need to physically and violently rip these texts up and tape them back together in order to transcend logocentrallity. So, I used pornographic material for my cuts-ups and renamed the form “cunt-ups.” It’s a joke, but it’s also a feminist re-claiming of the cut-up. I’m sure Burroughs would have no problem with that. Burroughs doesn’t seem to dislike sex, right?

Read full interview at The Poetry Foundation.

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