Joyelle McSweeney’s lyric review of Antígona González up at The Bind

In a stunning “creative review” of Sara Uribe’s Antígona González up at The Bind, a site devoted to review of books by women and nonbinary authors, Joyelle McSweeney juxtaposes the voices of Antigone and Antígona González:


to search for the body of the brother, Tadeo. The closest thing to happiness for me right now, hermanito, would be for them to call me tomorrow to tell me your body has appeared. To follow the fragments, the dreadful path, which is also the mundane: the mundane horror of the dead which is continuous with the mundane horror of the living. To want what the dead want. To meet at that zero point. That’s the only thing I want now, a body, a grave. That refuge.

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