Les Figues at &Now 2015

&NOW_LFP_2013Come out and see readings, panels, and performances by Les Figues authors at &Now 2015: Blast Radius, March 25 – 28, 2015.

Les Figues Press Performs

Friday, March 27, 2015 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Featuring:  Harold Abramowitz, Amanda Ackerman, Vincent Dachy, Sandra Doller, Paul Hoover, Michael du Plessis, Frances Richard, Martin Glaz Serup, Divya Victor, Christine Wertheim, Matias Viegener.

Other Onsite Readings, Performances, and Panels

Thursday, March 26

11:30 AM
How to Traffic in Books (And Trace That Traffic)
Jen Hofer, John Pluecker, René Castillo, Jessica Ceballos, Chiwan Choi, Peter Woods

2:30 PM
Bad Boundaries
Dodie Bellamy, Matias Viegner, Megan Milks, Sam Cohen, Stephen van Dyck

Friday, March 27

10:00 AM
Frances Richard, Martin Glaz Serup, Vincent Broqua, Oliver Brossard

10:00 AM
Occult Geographies
Harold Abramowitz, Teresa Carmody, Amanda Ackerman, Andrea Quaid

11:30 AM
Resonances & Repetitions: Poetic Reverie and Space
Amanda Ackerman, Janice Lee, Sueyuen Juliet Lee, Shoshana Seidman, Laura Vena

4:00 PM
Postrealism and its Discontents: Acker/Burroughs
Dodie Bellamy, Davis Schneiderman, Joshua Corey, Janet Sarbanes

Saturday, March 28

10:00 AM 
Power, Slippage, and the Visual: The Spaces of Fiction in a Visual Culture
Amina Cain, Gregory Howard, Adam Novy, Deb Olin Unferth

11:30 AM
&Now+Then Infrastructure
Ken Ehrlich, Marina Peterson, Louis-George Schwartz

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