2500 Things About Me Toomakes Kate Zambreno’s reading list

2500_Random_Things_About_Me_Matias_Viegener_Front_CoverKate Zambreno describes the shared qualities of her favorite readings from 2013, including Matias Viegener’s 2500 Things About Me Too:

I have been thinking that the books I love the most are ones that possess somehow a tenderness as well as something else, something like grotesqueness. So many texts I read this year circled around trauma and love and loss, but in surprising and original and unsentimental ways…There are so many exciting texts I read experimenting with memoir—Lynn Crosbie’s spiky, heartbreaking Life is About Losing Everything (Anansi) and Mathias Viegener’s lyric-essay 2500 Random Things About Me Too (Les Figues).

Read Zambreno’s entire review here.

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