BR Footnote Reviews Sophie Robinson’s a

In her review Sophie Robinson’s a, Cristiana of BR Footnote cites the epigraph from photographer Francesca Woodman as a guiding force for a.

In Robinson’s a, then, the inclusion of Woodman’s note (appropriately, if the poet is influenced by Woodman, Woodman shows her creative tie to the great American modernist poet, Gertrude Stein) is understandable within the framework of Robinson’s project. The book is dedicated to  “Aerin Davidson, 1985-2007. . . . XXX,” a young woman who, like Woodman, died when she was twenty-two. Robinson’s dedication also instructs one to read the book as a broken elegy, a collection of fragmented sentences and words, collages, expressing how one might try to express grief and pain verbally, without trivializing experiences that are, in the end, perhaps impossible to articulate in language.

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