Feminaissance reviewed by Megan Milks

Feminaissance_Christine_Wertheim_Front_CoverOver at Tarpaulin Sky, Megan Milks reviews Christine Wertheim’s Feminaissance, saying that “as a community of texts, Feminaissance claims a belonging to a genealogy of women’s experimental writing that it recognizes as being as necessary as it is polymorphous.” Milks begins:

“Another anthology of experimental women’s writing!” Feminaissance opens with both jubilant announcement and weary defense. While editor Christine Wertheim’s choice of exclamation point over question mark or interrobang might slightly privilege the jubilance over the fatigue, her dedication is equal parts celebration and justification of the collection of texts it precedes. Wertheim insists, in dedicating the anthology to “all of the-M-others everywhere,” that despite historical strides in our understanding of gender (and other identity categories) and power, the Others “still don’t have their share of discursive space” (vii). It is on these grounds, Wertheim suggests, that an all-women’s anthology, a collection of what Dodie Bellamy calls “tiny revolts,” is justified.

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