Gayle Brandeis Interviews Jennifer Calkins

Writing on her blog, fruitful, author and poet Gayle Brandeis interviews Les Figues author Jennifer Calkins about her recent work, A Story of Witchery.

Continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month, I am so thrilled to welcome my friend Jennifer Calkins to my blog. I met Jennifer in the MFA program at Antioch University–at the time, she was not only getting her MFA in Poetry; she was also getting her PhD in Biological Sciences. I was, and continue to be, so impressed by Jennifer. Her work is beautifully creepy, full of mystery and shadow and wonder. You can read her chapbook, Devil Card, here. Her first full length work, A Story of Witchery, was published last year by Les Figues Press, an exciting aesthetic-based collective founded by Antioch graduates.

Read the full interview at fruitful.

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