Jessica Bozek interviewed at AMRI

Jessica Bozek, author of The Tales from Les Figues PressOver at American Microreviews and Interviews, Kallie Falandays interviews Jessica Bozek about her LF book, The Tales. Citing Chris Marker, W.G. Sebald, and Kurt Vonnegut as some of her influences, Bozek talks about her process and projects. When asked the best part about publishing The Tales, Bozek states:

I love the afterlife of publication—how there is the book, but also individual copies which make their way through the world, sometimes in ways I might not foresee. I’m always interested to see a new review by a person I don’t know, to see how someone without any context reads the book. It’s also enormously special to Skype with a class and see 20+ students holding copies of my book. I am humbled to think that they are devoting whole hours to reading and thinking about it. Their work gives mine a fresh sense of purpose.

Read the full interview here.

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