The Tales reviewed at decomP magazinE

Jessica Bozek, author of The Tales from Les Figues PressSpencer Dew, at decomP magazinE, reviews Jessica Bozek’s The Tales:

[Bozek] knows, with Blanchot, that the disaster cannot be known. We can only approach its edges. Here are corpses in the wreckage, sprawled such that they resemble—in already a kind of therapeutic denial—broken puppets: “the marionette wires, cracked wooden faces, bloody hair.” Bozek imagines the baffled perspectives of the birds, but knows that such a tone of fable already numbs us to the event. Her disaster, at the center of this book, is explicitly military, a human event, intended, planned, strategic as surgery. But it plays out like a fairytale.

Read Dew’s full review at decomP.

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