The Tales Reviewed at Roaming Cowgirl

The_Tales_Jessica_Bozek_thumbChelsea Biondolillo reviews Jessica Bozek’s The Tales at Roaming Cowgirl:

The reader gets to hear from the Lone Survivor of the atrocity, but also the tailors, architects, engineers and claims adjusters who must attend to the life of the survivor. The dogs, birds, and a chorus of dead also speak on the before, during, and after. Bozek includes notes at the end of the book to trace some of the scholarship and artistic inspiration that has informed all of the tales that make up The Tales. She borrows from and is moved to create by works as disparate as critical analyses of war memorials, Ojibwa and Odawa tales, and a wide range of 20th century art and poetry.

You can dive into the rest of the review here.


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